Monday, August 31, 2009

Holla, Holla!! We meet again? How about my new album? Have you buy it? If haven’t, you all better hurry up! Hehe… My entry this week is all about my favourite BRAND. From top to toe. Let’s check it out!
Being a CELEBRITY, personality is always be in the first place. Actually when I went to shopping, I love to enter this certain branded shop that I loves the most. Not only because of the brand, but also its comfort when I used it.

My top brand for my top is MNG, ZARA, GUESS and DKNY. I love to wear those brands because its suits me and I feel comfort when I used it. Furthermore, they are so many choice in that shop. For your information, every month I will go to those shop and buy as much as I want with the latest design, because every season it will come out with new design. You all should take a look.
How about my jeans? Seriously I will only wear Levi’s brand.I’m too choosy about my jeans. Only Levi’s brand can satisfy my need and wants about jeans. I have all the collection of Levi’s jeans and I’m so addicted to it.
Opps, forget about my shades, of course Ray Ban!! There are a lots of shapes and colour! I have 5 collection of it. It’s cool.
My perfume?
I love to try all those brands that suit with my taste, such as DKNY green apple, GUCCI, GUESS, NINA RICCI and others. For men, I loves the scent of DIESEL perfume. Its scent is so gentle and soft.Owhhh….I will totally melt when I smell it.hehehe..
About my accessories, I didn’t mind which shop I bought it. As long as it is nice and funky. I loves to wear a colourful and striking colour accessories. So, that I can show off. Hahahaha.
For my toe. I really concern about it. The shoes brand that can only suit with my feet is either VINCCI or NOSE. I don’t care what people said about me, but its true. When I wear another brand, my feet will start ichy and Arashes. Even that brands are commonly wear by other people, I still want to buy it for my comfort.

My sports brand?? I love NIKE so much. Whenever I go to gym, from my top to toe, I will wear NIKE brand. I have tried another brand before, but It can’t satisfy me like NIKE brand does! So, congratulation to the designer.hahaha.

I think that is it for now. We will meet again in my next entry. Thanks alots to all my fans that are supporting me along with my carier.see yaa….muahhxx

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