Thursday, October 22, 2009

I met Dafi at Melawati Stadium, Shah Alam on the Uptrend occasion. Dont be jealous..hehe.

hello everybody...we meet again and i am sure this is my last entry for this semester. I feels my night is dull today. Eventhough I just came back from UiTM dinner at Dewan Sri Temenggong. I don't know why..maybe I feel touched with somebody..urrm..just forget about it. Actually in my entry this week I would like to talk about ' my subject this semester version 2 '.

First of all I would like to talk about my BEL subject, last wednesday was my speaking test and I guess I have tried my best in this subject. Thanks to sir Izuan, because being such a patient lecturer to our class eventhough sometimes our attitude annoyed him. Thank you sir. 'Don't judge a book by its cover'.!! My BEL lecturer is such a lovely and caring person. I love to read his blog..and that can makes I know him better. Even its seems too late, but at least I know somethi ng about him. Right?? hehe...

My next subject is FIN. En.syamsul samsuddin. I just met him just now at the dinner. The hottest lecturer. He have a lots of admire among his students including my senior. He have his own skills to attract his student to study well in his subject. What about me? I love this subject so much but lately I am not often open my finance book.harrrhggg....the final is just around the corner and why I am still relax? why?why?...

My CTU class just ended last monday with Ustaz Nawawi..He is so funny. He loves to make jokes i our class. He is so sporting. Hahaha. Shhh....he helped me in finishing my asignment.hehe..He loves person who are expert in writing because he is one of the person in the UPENA of Uitm Johor..Ustaz Nawawi is such a patient lecturer, because we are so naughty in class. We loves to make noise in his class.hehe...But I have already ask for his apologize for what I have done wrong in his class.

Next is my Economics subject, with our becoming TP HEP..PM abdullah..but we called him En. Dollah.hehe..He is also one of the best lecturer who teached us..As I said before, he had change my perception to economic subject before this. Sometimes, he also loves to make jokes in our class. The most important thing is he is known with his smiles. He is a very humble person ever.
My QMT subject has changed the lecturer with new lecturer, Mr. Zaki. He is a graduate from Shah Alam. He is still young. He is so strict with his student ecspecially with whom who are rude to him. He hates that attitude in our class. But sometimes, he is quite sporting, when his free he would like his story with me and my friends. Same goes to me, sometimes I would like to share my problems with him, because he is young and he knows well us as a teenagers.

Last but not least, My Arab subject with Ustaz Syazali Effendi. He is a sweet lecturer.But sometimes he is quite stright with his student. I have a good relation with him because he is my 'PPP' in my college. I will refers to him no matter what happen. learning Arab language with him is easy and fun. We dont have to rush and stress. He said," dont think too much, Arab subject is easy".haha. He is such a cool lecturer.

Im glad that this semester I got the best lecturers that can lead me to excellent level. Thanks a lots to my dearest lecturer. I loves you guys a lots, and thanks once again for teach us without bored. Prays that I can get an excellent result for my final.Thank you...