Monday, August 24, 2009

Hello my dearest friends!!!We meet again here.My entry this week, I would like to share to all of you about My Classmate.As you all know, this semester, I’m in D3D2 class.The havoc class I guess.haha.So, are you guys ready to get to know one by one person in my class?Yeah…Lets move on!

Ok, firstly we start with all the beautiful princess in my class….

Lana?She’s ok.Nothing much to say about her.She loves Petra so much!hee..Lana loves to sleep with her roommates together and she hate rats.She also have cute youngest brother, Johan.

Siti?Cool person, but sometimes she is hot tempered.Don’t make her angry.She likes to share everything with me, maybe I’m a good listener.hah.She stay at Sungai Buloh, near to my house.

Sina?Sini?haha….The cutest girl in our class.She’s funny with her attitude.She will always make us laugh in the class.But sometimes,she’s blur.

Leen?The girl with high spirit.Everything that lecturer ask, she will answer it if she knows the answer.She have a loud and clear voice.

Faina?Suatika? Both of them are very quiet in class and always practice good behavior.hehe.Thus, sometimes I like to be friends with them.

Fadzilah?We called her ‘Ustazah’. She is very innocent and quite clever.She loves to change her hand phone frequently.She is in faina’s group.

Yana?She’s cute and she is Awe’s cousin. Our Ex MPP president. She is very humble person came from Kelantan.

Suria?yana’s gang.They love to make noise when the lecturer is not in.Sometimes I feels angry with them, but they were what they are right?I still like to be friends with them.They are cool.

Amira?same with both of her friends. Amira’s hobby is creating her blog. I love to read her blog.They are colourful.

Hasrita?Pity her..She just lost her father and I respect her,because being so patient all this while. Ita is a smart student and she is being so nice in class.Many people feels comfort to be friend with her.

Nadia?Hasrita best friends.They will always be together.Shy person. But sometimes, She’s a little bit clumsy same as me!haha

Hidayah?Outspoken.Small size and cute. She is very talkative until our classmates feels bored.hee..

Me?Of course I’m the coolest person in that class.haha!

That’s all about girls in my class.Lets proceed to get to know the Prince Charming in our class.

Kashfi?A guys that have a lots of admire I guess!!Excludes me!haha.He is the tallest guy in our class.maybe he eat a lots of vitamins.

Damiri?A person with small eye.Sometimes she looks blur in class. He love to wear small size shirt and most of his clothes fulled with flora design.haha

Hafiz Malik?We called him MOK.He’s cute and kind.He is also understanding.Sometimes I love to share some story with him.He is very active with his IRAMA Club.

Hafiz?This hafiz we called him Frankie.why??don't know.Maybe Frankinstein.Hehe.Sorry Frankie..He can not speak fluently during presentation and in front of lecturer but in the real life, he’s ok.

Shukri?A guy that is quiet in our class.Kind!!Commander..Very skinny guy in our class

Rozaini?People called him Evra..because his face is like this one Manchester United footballer names Evra.Is it?Pity him, But surely his senior know him better.

Afiq?Like normal person,he did not communicate with us to much.He is shy person. I guess.He is in Kashfi’s group.

That’s all about my classmate.Actually,some of them are same class with me last semester.I’m happy to study with my classmates.We work together as a team and as you all knows,D3D2 is the best class ever.haha

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