Monday, August 31, 2009

Holla, Holla!! We meet again? How about my new album? Have you buy it? If haven’t, you all better hurry up! Hehe… My entry this week is all about my favourite BRAND. From top to toe. Let’s check it out!
Being a CELEBRITY, personality is always be in the first place. Actually when I went to shopping, I love to enter this certain branded shop that I loves the most. Not only because of the brand, but also its comfort when I used it.

My top brand for my top is MNG, ZARA, GUESS and DKNY. I love to wear those brands because its suits me and I feel comfort when I used it. Furthermore, they are so many choice in that shop. For your information, every month I will go to those shop and buy as much as I want with the latest design, because every season it will come out with new design. You all should take a look.
How about my jeans? Seriously I will only wear Levi’s brand.I’m too choosy about my jeans. Only Levi’s brand can satisfy my need and wants about jeans. I have all the collection of Levi’s jeans and I’m so addicted to it.
Opps, forget about my shades, of course Ray Ban!! There are a lots of shapes and colour! I have 5 collection of it. It’s cool.
My perfume?
I love to try all those brands that suit with my taste, such as DKNY green apple, GUCCI, GUESS, NINA RICCI and others. For men, I loves the scent of DIESEL perfume. Its scent is so gentle and soft.Owhhh….I will totally melt when I smell it.hehehe..
About my accessories, I didn’t mind which shop I bought it. As long as it is nice and funky. I loves to wear a colourful and striking colour accessories. So, that I can show off. Hahahaha.
For my toe. I really concern about it. The shoes brand that can only suit with my feet is either VINCCI or NOSE. I don’t care what people said about me, but its true. When I wear another brand, my feet will start ichy and Arashes. Even that brands are commonly wear by other people, I still want to buy it for my comfort.

My sports brand?? I love NIKE so much. Whenever I go to gym, from my top to toe, I will wear NIKE brand. I have tried another brand before, but It can’t satisfy me like NIKE brand does! So, congratulation to the designer.hahaha.

I think that is it for now. We will meet again in my next entry. Thanks alots to all my fans that are supporting me along with my carier.see yaa….muahhxx
Hello to all my fans. Here we meet again in this arena. I’m sure that you all are waiting for my new album right?? Here I will give you 10 my new albums as a thanks for all of your great support for me all this while. Now, let’s move on!

Title : Hero
Genre : Ballad

The story of this song is about one women who was always waiting for her hero to come back to her. They had a very impossible love relationship, where both of them already have boyfriend and girlfriend. This man had give his love more than her boyfriend did. Their love story are very sweet, but in the end they were apart, because of untrustworthy. That’s all are misunderstanding actually. That man had goes to his girlfriend back and left the women alone, and until now the women still waiting for that man to comes to her even it seems like impossible.

Title : 5 Things
Genre : Pop

This song is all about teenager love. This one girl had fall in love with this one boy and they coupled. This girl want to expressed her feeling about her boyfriend through this song. She never satisfied with their relationship. She said that they are 5 things she hate about her boyfriend and what she hate the most the boy does is he makes she love him.

Title : True Friend
Genre : Pop

This song tell us that we need a true friend. At least one, because they will be the person who wil
be besides us no matter what happen. They are there whenever we need them and also a person who can be trusted and share everything with us. The important things, true friend is a person that will always be behind our back to support us when we’re down.

Title : Over You
Genre : Pop Rock

The story is all about this girl had be dumped by her ex boyfriend. At first, the girl still can’t live without the boy and always remind about her ex boyfriend and locked herself in a room. But now, she got over him by starting a new life with somebody else. She feel so much better and hard to believe that she can get over her ex boyfriend. As for the old saying “ Love as long as you live ”.

Title : Good day
Genre : Pop ballad

This singer want to share with all of us about her past good day, which that time she had spent her time with her beloved friends. They had a vacation at Fraser’s Hill for 3 days and 2 night. They had such a good time there. As time goes by, they have to separate to further their study. But they still did not lose contact. The singer always hope that the time will comes back someday.

Title : I don’t want to lose you
Genre : Pop

his women had met her first love with this man since they are in university until now. It is almost 5 years. They had share everything together no matter it is good or bad. They have created a lot of memories that are unforgotten. But now, the man have to married with another women, who is his parents choice. The man can do nothing, he have to follow his parents choice. So, this song is actually to that man. The women is begging him but nothings change.

Title : Believe it Honey
Genre : Pop Rock

This song is dedicated to a husband.This one women is trying to get her husband trust because of her past day.The women had change after she had married with her husband, but her husband is hard to believe his wife because there are to much wild gossip. The women had does so many things to get her husband trustworthy.

Title : Let’s Party
Genre : Rock

This is a cheerful song. This song was dedicated to teenager whom want to release their tension. This song is so chicky. Its story about this fantasy life that everytime is party time. They do not have to pressure themselves thinking about works or study. I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Title : Goodbye My Lover
Genre : Blues

This song story about this one women whom is going to die soon. She have dedicated this song to her husband. Telling that all this while, she have addicted to him and her husband is the only one for her. She swear that she will always loves him and that’s true. Thats so hard to said all this things to her husband. She want to thanks for all the good things her husband gave to her and sorry for leaving him to soon.Goodbye my lover…….

Title : Alone
Genre : Pop

Story about this one child who had lost their family in one tragedy. She is only 5 years old. She had sent to Orphanage home. The child was so strong even she had lost her family, she still independent and always trying to achieve the best for her future. This song will tells you about the journey of life of this child.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hello my dearest friends, we meet again with my new entry, 10 Facts about myself being a celebrity which is studying in UiTM Segamat, Johor right now.haha
My life being a celebrity is so busy and FAMOUS. There are too many of secret admire.Everywhere I go, people knows who I am.Isn’t cool??huh!! Now,I’m sure that all of you want to know what are the 10 facts about myself.Let’s check it out!!

1) I’m very addicted to HERO song, by Enrique Iglesias. Did you know why?? Actually it has its own reason for that thing.That song is so valuable for me. Every my leisure time, I will hear this song, even before I sleep too. ”…I can be your HERO baby, I can kiss away the pain, I would stand by you forever, You can take my breath away…” I will keep this song like something special in my life.

2) I’m a very sensitive person. Actually, I’m a happy go lucky person, but for certain things I’m too sensitive to it. I’m easy to cry. YES! I admit it. I will cry for people that I loves. Heee….Even when I watch sad movie also I will cry or something that can make me feels so touched.

3) PINK!!! Pink is my favourite colour! SHHHHH…. Don’t tell anybody.haha. People wouldn’t trust when I said I loves pink colour, because that colour not suit with my attitude. Who cares?? I loves pink! Some of my stuff is pink, but I’m not addicted into that colour until all my stuff is in pink colour.hee

4) Afraid of SNAKE. I don’t know why. Since I was kids, I already afraid with it. But when I go to Zoo, I loves to watch them. First place I will visit when I went to Zoo is Reptiles homes.They are a lots type of snake there. I admire ULAR SAWA BATIK! Because they are so BIG!!!!Arghhh….fell like want to touch them.hee..

5) I will spend my leisure with my friends going karaoke. Actually I will go for it because I want to release tension, and it will be more fun when the time is after test!! After I have study hard for that subject, I want something as a return to cheer me up back. I’m weird is it?

6) My dream car is BMW 5 Series. Ohhh… I wish I could buy it someday. That car looks so elegant and I’m always dream that someday I’m in that car with people that I love, and if I’m so rich, I will buy a lots of car like that with variety of colours.haha

7) My favourite chocolate brand is KINDER BUENO. Guys, please ALERT!!!heee….I like the taste of that chocolate. In addition, I starts to love that chocolate when somebody special in my life gave it to me..

8) My bad attitude?shh… I will sleep in every evening. I don’t care what people said, I think that is my hobby…huh?hehe..Maybe I feels so tired? Or I’m a lazy person? You judge me..haha..I will fully utilized my sleep in the evening so that I can stay up at night.

9) EAT?? Who loves to EAT?? Everybody loves to eat right? Same goes to me. That is why you people can see the different with my size right now.haha…I love being a chubby person, because a lots of my friends said I look good in that way…hehehehehe..

10) CLUMSY!!! Yes! That’s me.. Only my close friends knows how terrible I am when I’m clumsy. I will drop things or else I will fell down.haha..So, to my new friends,don’t make the situation that can make me become clumsy ok!!!or else you will regret it!!hahahaha..

Hello my dearest friends!!!We meet again here.My entry this week, I would like to share to all of you about My Classmate.As you all know, this semester, I’m in D3D2 class.The havoc class I guess.haha.So, are you guys ready to get to know one by one person in my class?Yeah…Lets move on!

Ok, firstly we start with all the beautiful princess in my class….

Lana?She’s ok.Nothing much to say about her.She loves Petra so much!hee..Lana loves to sleep with her roommates together and she hate rats.She also have cute youngest brother, Johan.

Siti?Cool person, but sometimes she is hot tempered.Don’t make her angry.She likes to share everything with me, maybe I’m a good listener.hah.She stay at Sungai Buloh, near to my house.

Sina?Sini?haha….The cutest girl in our class.She’s funny with her attitude.She will always make us laugh in the class.But sometimes,she’s blur.

Leen?The girl with high spirit.Everything that lecturer ask, she will answer it if she knows the answer.She have a loud and clear voice.

Faina?Suatika? Both of them are very quiet in class and always practice good behavior.hehe.Thus, sometimes I like to be friends with them.

Fadzilah?We called her ‘Ustazah’. She is very innocent and quite clever.She loves to change her hand phone frequently.She is in faina’s group.

Yana?She’s cute and she is Awe’s cousin. Our Ex MPP president. She is very humble person came from Kelantan.

Suria?yana’s gang.They love to make noise when the lecturer is not in.Sometimes I feels angry with them, but they were what they are right?I still like to be friends with them.They are cool.

Amira?same with both of her friends. Amira’s hobby is creating her blog. I love to read her blog.They are colourful.

Hasrita?Pity her..She just lost her father and I respect her,because being so patient all this while. Ita is a smart student and she is being so nice in class.Many people feels comfort to be friend with her.

Nadia?Hasrita best friends.They will always be together.Shy person. But sometimes, She’s a little bit clumsy same as me!haha

Hidayah?Outspoken.Small size and cute. She is very talkative until our classmates feels bored.hee..

Me?Of course I’m the coolest person in that class.haha!

That’s all about girls in my class.Lets proceed to get to know the Prince Charming in our class.

Kashfi?A guys that have a lots of admire I guess!!Excludes me!haha.He is the tallest guy in our class.maybe he eat a lots of vitamins.

Damiri?A person with small eye.Sometimes she looks blur in class. He love to wear small size shirt and most of his clothes fulled with flora design.haha

Hafiz Malik?We called him MOK.He’s cute and kind.He is also understanding.Sometimes I love to share some story with him.He is very active with his IRAMA Club.

Hafiz?This hafiz we called him Frankie.why??don't know.Maybe Frankinstein.Hehe.Sorry Frankie..He can not speak fluently during presentation and in front of lecturer but in the real life, he’s ok.

Shukri?A guy that is quiet in our class.Kind!!Commander..Very skinny guy in our class

Rozaini?People called him Evra..because his face is like this one Manchester United footballer names Evra.Is it?Pity him, But surely his senior know him better.

Afiq?Like normal person,he did not communicate with us to much.He is shy person. I guess.He is in Kashfi’s group.

That’s all about my classmate.Actually,some of them are same class with me last semester.I’m happy to study with my classmates.We work together as a team and as you all knows,D3D2 is the best class ever.haha

Monday, August 3, 2009

My subject this semester

Hi!!We meet again. To all my friends, my entry dis week, I would like to share with all of you about my subject for this semester. As you all know, I’m in part 3 right now. Subject for this semester is not that hard and I hope I can score for it. There are 6 subjects, such as CTU, BEL, ECO, FIN, QMT and Bahasa Arab.

CTU subject is about Islamic purposes. My lecturer for this subject is Ustaz kamarulzaman. He is such a good lecturer. He will always give us advise while teaching us but sometimes he’s not feeling well in his class because of a few disease he have. This subject is so important for us because it keep remind us about our religion.I think this subject is easy to score because I’m a Muslim. So, I should know what it’s all about.

Next, my BEL subject. My lecturer for this subject is Sir Izuan. He is a good and strict lecturer. He will never be late for his class. I must not be late for his class because he’s too punctual. I respected him, he knows his responsibility. Overall, he’s nice to his student.Most peoples misunderstood him. They should know him first. Whatever he’s doing, it’s all for his student goods. This subject is compulsory for part 1 until part 3. This is because of UiTM mission that want to improve English Language among UiTM student to survive in University life life and in the future.

My lecturer for ECO subject is En.Dollah. I like him so much. He’s so funny.He loves to make jokes in his class and make his student laugh while learning this subject.He had changed my perception toward lecturer with ‘PM ‘ title before. I don’t know why I loves this subject so much even thou when I was in part 2, I got c+ for my ECO subject. I hope that I can get A for my ECO subject this semester. Actually, I dislike ECO subject, because it’s too boring and hard to understand. I guess.I love this subject because of it’s lecturer, and I will change my perception toward this ECO subject.I will my best to score A in this subject.

Wahh!!!!!This is my favourite subject ever.Is it because of it’s lecturer??hehe..NO.En Syamsyul is a very good lecturer. He have his own skill to teach his student.He is also very concern about his student. He helped his student in their study, he already do formula for us to follow and it’s really easy to understand.He is such a cool lecturer ever, but he is so strict in his class.That makes students can scores in his subject.I hope I can scores in his subject. Furthermore, this is a last semester for him, he want to further his study and get marry by the end of this semester. I guess..Somebody told me..hehe. I wish he will be happy in his life.

Lets proceed to the next subject, QMT. Miss Arfah is the coolest lecturer.She is sporting and her acting is just like us.Teenagers. She understand us very well especially about the time our class ends. Hehe..So far, I still can caught this subject, even thou many people said this subject is tough. I hope I can score for this subject and I know I can do it.Even this subject is full with graph and charts.

Last but not least, Bahasa Arab! My lecturer for this subject is Ustaz Syazali. The handsome Ustaz in UiTMSegamat. Actually, Ustaz Syazali is really nice and outgoing person. Many students afraid with him without knowing him very well. He loves to share his story in his class. The best thing about studying with him is we only learned Bahasa Arab for 15 minutes. Another 1 hour and 45 minutes we had discuss about latest news and think about problems that happen in UiTM Segamat.It’s make us think out of the box.I like it. Besides, the way he teach his student is so effective. Most of my senior get A’s in this subject and I wish I can score too.

As a conclusion, no matter what happen I will try my best to score every subject even I’m busy with my responsibilities as a ‘JPK’. I know I can do it and I will manage my time effectively. I wish I can get Dean List for this semester.