Monday, September 28, 2009

Hello everyone. We meet again. My entry this week , I would like to share with all of you about memories of my childhood memories of ramadhan. As we in ramadhan month now, I always remember what my beloved mom said to me, she said that we must be a kind, a patient and be a good girl in this month, so that Allah will bless us. Furthermore, all kind of ghost are tied up and angels are around.

When I was 8 years old, I have been so naughty and a bad girl. You know why? I had lied to my parents in that age. This is my story, I’m the eldest in my family, so in that age, my parent already thought me to be independent. They gave me trusted to stay at home alone and take care of the house when they went to work. As usual, as a kid, I went out of the house and played at the playground with my friends. When I got exhausted, I came home and drink a water at the kitchen.hahahaha.No body knows. When the breaking fast time, I will pretend that I’m fasting and break my fast with whole family. Another case is, when I’m at school in Standard 3. There is one place in my class to put our mineral bottles. When we want to drink a water, we must ask for the permission from our teacher first. This time I’m being so bad, not onlt to my parent but also my teacher. When I felt thirsty, I will ask for my teacher permission to drink a water, and my teacher ask me “ why you are not fasting ?” , then I said that my mom said I can’t fasting because I’m still a kid.hehe..The worst thing is I will take anybody’s bottles that are left there and don’t have an owner.hahaha.

But, we must remember, someday our secret will revealed. I felt so ashamed with my parent because of this case. When I was at home, I will take care of my youngest brother and he can’t fasted yet. That time, I felt so thirsty and I asked my youngest brother whether he wants to drink or not, and I taked him to the refrigerator. When the time comes, I ignore my youngest brother and just drink the water from the bottle very fast. That day is my bad day, without my attention, my father had already stand beside the refrigerator watching me.hahaha. 'KANTOI!!' I have been scolded by my parents. From that moment, until right now, when Ramadhan comes, my parents will always teased me about that case even it is already past 11 years.haha. My childhood memories of ramadhan.

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