Friday, July 24, 2009

Being A Senior

Hello..welcome back!!This week is my third entry and i would like to share with all my friend about being a senior in UiTM Segamat.As you all knows I'm in part 3 right now.So,I'm not too senior..but,I'm familiar.Haha.My life in Segamat is so simple,I have nothing to do except studying.But,that was when I'm in part 1 and 2. Now, I'm quiet busy with my JPK stuff.Its tiring but it was fun. This title make me feels like I' m the real senior because people will looked up at us and respect us.

At first, I can't believe that I was selected to be a JPK.There was so many entry from student in my college who apply to become a JPK. I'm have been through 2 interview. First interview with our Resident Staff and Second interview with UPK it self. Finally, I was selected to be one of them.That time I feels so happy. Starts from that moment, I became a busy person.I have to go through a lots of activities and camping to build up our confident and trained ourself to become a leader.Alhamdulillah, I have made it.

My confident level and strength was challenge when all JPK and MPP are required to be a ' Pembantu Mahasiswa ' to our new student that are in part 1 now.We have to show them good attitude and help them to suit their self with new environment,in Segamat.Furthermore,we had train them to be more discipline and followed the University rules.I got many advantage from it, beside I can trained myself to be a good leader, we as a JPK also can have good relationship with others society, such as MPP. We have work together along for 1 week and we had enjoyed that time.

What makes me feel good being a senior??..People will respect us.I'm one of the' PM ' who take care for 1400 new students.So, when I meet this part 1 students, they will greet us.We become s friend.Most of my friends thought that this part 1 students are being so rude with them, but they were wrong.We need to know people first before we judge." Don't judged a book by its cover ". Al thou I'm the JPK of my college, I'm being humble and nice to everybody. People will judge us through that way.Beside, we can be friend with junior, we also can get closer to our senior and management people. So, It will be easy for JPK and I to make any activities for our students.

Lastly, its fun being a senior.I feels so good and very confident with myself right now.I will never thought myself to be such a irresponsible person and will always there for my friends when they need me.Being a senior is such a good time in University life.I love UiTM Segamat, JOHOR.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Roommates

In campus life,roommates play an important roles.Everyone needs a roommates.Roommates is not only a person who are with us in one room,they are also listener when we have problems.In my opinion,roommates are very important person in this campus life.If you have a good relationship with your roommates, you will be happy and nothing can effect your study.I'm glad that since I was part 1,I have good roommates.Now,I'm in part 3 and I have new roommates.They are Nurlina,Jumilah and Aisyah.Let me explain and introduce one by one of them.

Firstly,Nurlina Binti Mahmudin is the first person I saw in my room when I opened the door.She stay in kapar,Klang.Near to my cousins house.She was born on 21 November 1989 in Tanjung Karang Hospital.Her zodiac is Scorpio.Her favourite foods and drinks are ' Tom yam ', and ' Lai Chi Kang'. She likes to surf the Internet when she have leisure time and she loves to go cycling in the evening.Her favourite movies are Transformers 2 and wanted and favourite TV show is ' Kelab Pop 'at Astro Ria.She loves Brad Pitt so much and never missed to watch his new movies.Now,she is in part 4,Diploma In accountancy.She have 4 siblings and she is the eldest. In my opinion, Nurlina is very strict person but sometimes she looks cool.

The next person is Jumilah Binti Sujak.She is in Diploma In Accountancy,part 4.Jumie and Nurlina are classmates.I always called her Jumie. She was born on 24 march 1989 in Kota Tinggi Hospital.So,it makes her an Aries. Her favourite foods and drinks are satay and ' Nasi Beriani ' plus watermelon juice.She loves to SMS her boyfriend and listening to the radio.Her favourite movies are ' The dark Knight ' and ' Histeria ' and she likes to watch ' Matahari ' TV show or an TV show with comedy genre.Her favourite actor is Fiza Omar.There are a lots of Fizo Omar's poster in her locker.She have 8 siblings and she is the youngest.Jumie is very patient person and very soft spoken. I love to communicate with her.

Lastly,my sweetest roommates is Aisyah Md.Khir.She stay at Seksyen 2,Subang Jaya.She was born on 1 November 1990 in SJMC.So,it's make her a Scorpio.She is studying in Diploma In Accountancy in part 3.She have 4 siblings and she was the second last in her family. Her favourite foods and drinks is sushi and all kinds of fast food and fresh orange.She love to hang out with her friends and listening to MP3.Her favourite movies is harry Potter and Transformers 2. She loves to watch Korean drama at 8TV.Her favourite actor ever is Zac Efron and G-Dragon from big Bang group.Aisyah is a pampered person,she is cute and also easy to cry.

No matter how they are,I feels very comfortable with them.They are very understanding and also helpful.I'm glad that I have good relationship with my roommates and I hope we will happily ever after.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

About Me

Dear Friends,

Hello!Welcome to my page. I have something to tell you about my self. First of all, I want all my friends to be relax and enjoying reading my page. Firstly,let me introduce my name,Norazlin Binti Rosdi as known as Areleen. I was born on 27 November 1990 in Assunta Hospital, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. So, its makes me a Sagittarius. According to the CLEO magazine this month,people in this zodiac need to be more careful in choosing new friends and don't be too stress with your study or work. This is what the magazine said,but we shouldn't trust it 100% isn't? I am 19 years old, but most people though I am 20's. Too sad.

My favourite foods and drinks are all kinds of 'Nasi Goreng', especially 'Nasi Goreng USA' plus 'Tom yam' and I love Fresh Orange, Fresh Apple and Blackcurrant. My favourite movies ever is P/s I Love You, A Moment To Remember and some Hindustan Movies. I like to watch 'Melodi' on TV3, every Sunday, 12.30 at noon. My interest is debating, travelling and laughing around with my friends to release my tension. Furthermore, I love to communicate and meets new friends and spent my leisure time with people that I love the most, My Family. In addition,my favourite actor and the person that I'm always dream to meet is Shah Rukh Khan, Hindi hero. He's so handsome and looks so sweet in his movies even thou he's already 40's. He's very committed with his job.

Now, I'm studying in UiTM Segamat, Johor as a Banking student in part 3. My first impression about this place is I feels so boring. Maybe, It's because of the environment. But now, I realize that this environment actually is good and suitable for campus life. My opinion about my course is its very interesting and not hard to score. I hope that I can bring this course along and graduate on time with higher CGPA. AMIN... About my college? Actually some part of it is still under construction in order to upgrade the old block to become new. Besides, UiTM mission want to provide good, suitable and new environment to our new students. I don't have any problems at my college. Maybe, I'm too discipline.=D. I'm the Jawatankuasa Perwakilan Kolej(JPK) of Mutiara college in Sector A. So, my friends and I will play important role to handle and help the student in that college.

Lets proceed to my family background story. I have 5 members in my family. I have 3 siblings and I'm the eldest. My father's name is Rosdi Bin Baharun, 48 years old and my mother's name is Norliah Binti Jassan, 47 years old. Both my parents work on their own. They will be busy, But they won't forget about their family matter. They will always spend their leisure with family in weekend. My parents are very concern about their children and always be beside us when they are needed. I have 2 younger brother and as the eldest sister I always shows them good behaviour and a humble role model to follow. I'm glad that I was born in this lovely family and far from family problems. They shows us the meaning of happiness and I promise when I success one day, I will reply it back and gives them happiness as they gives us right now. I love them so much. I'm glad and be so thankful to God for His precious gift.