Monday, August 24, 2009

Hello my dearest friends, we meet again with my new entry, 10 Facts about myself being a celebrity which is studying in UiTM Segamat, Johor right now.haha
My life being a celebrity is so busy and FAMOUS. There are too many of secret admire.Everywhere I go, people knows who I am.Isn’t cool??huh!! Now,I’m sure that all of you want to know what are the 10 facts about myself.Let’s check it out!!

1) I’m very addicted to HERO song, by Enrique Iglesias. Did you know why?? Actually it has its own reason for that thing.That song is so valuable for me. Every my leisure time, I will hear this song, even before I sleep too. ”…I can be your HERO baby, I can kiss away the pain, I would stand by you forever, You can take my breath away…” I will keep this song like something special in my life.

2) I’m a very sensitive person. Actually, I’m a happy go lucky person, but for certain things I’m too sensitive to it. I’m easy to cry. YES! I admit it. I will cry for people that I loves. Heee….Even when I watch sad movie also I will cry or something that can make me feels so touched.

3) PINK!!! Pink is my favourite colour! SHHHHH…. Don’t tell anybody.haha. People wouldn’t trust when I said I loves pink colour, because that colour not suit with my attitude. Who cares?? I loves pink! Some of my stuff is pink, but I’m not addicted into that colour until all my stuff is in pink colour.hee

4) Afraid of SNAKE. I don’t know why. Since I was kids, I already afraid with it. But when I go to Zoo, I loves to watch them. First place I will visit when I went to Zoo is Reptiles homes.They are a lots type of snake there. I admire ULAR SAWA BATIK! Because they are so BIG!!!!Arghhh….fell like want to touch them.hee..

5) I will spend my leisure with my friends going karaoke. Actually I will go for it because I want to release tension, and it will be more fun when the time is after test!! After I have study hard for that subject, I want something as a return to cheer me up back. I’m weird is it?

6) My dream car is BMW 5 Series. Ohhh… I wish I could buy it someday. That car looks so elegant and I’m always dream that someday I’m in that car with people that I love, and if I’m so rich, I will buy a lots of car like that with variety of colours.haha

7) My favourite chocolate brand is KINDER BUENO. Guys, please ALERT!!!heee….I like the taste of that chocolate. In addition, I starts to love that chocolate when somebody special in my life gave it to me..

8) My bad attitude?shh… I will sleep in every evening. I don’t care what people said, I think that is my hobby…huh?hehe..Maybe I feels so tired? Or I’m a lazy person? You judge me..haha..I will fully utilized my sleep in the evening so that I can stay up at night.

9) EAT?? Who loves to EAT?? Everybody loves to eat right? Same goes to me. That is why you people can see the different with my size right now.haha…I love being a chubby person, because a lots of my friends said I look good in that way…hehehehehe..

10) CLUMSY!!! Yes! That’s me.. Only my close friends knows how terrible I am when I’m clumsy. I will drop things or else I will fell down.haha..So, to my new friends,don’t make the situation that can make me become clumsy ok!!!or else you will regret it!!hahahaha..

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